About Victoria

Native English teacher currently based in Spain. Presently, I'm teaching young learners in a traditional Andalucian white pueblo. My teaching history spans all areas of language learning.

I have been fascinated with online English language classes since being introduced to it while teaching for a large language company in Istanbul. This involved commuting across the Bosphorus by ferry to visit medical professionals at the American Hospital. This wonderful, dynamic, but horrendously overcrowded city is not an easy place to travel and work. I often arrived for lessons stressed and ruing the day I left the relative tranquility of American campus life.

When not commuting, back in school, logged on to my internet classes with learners across the vast distances of Turkey. Learners on the borders of Syria, Iran, Armenia: Cruise ship captains, surgeons, precocious children, all gathered together in one virtual place to learn English. It was wonderful. From their home computers, mobile tablets in quiet corners of cafes, we gathered together when convenient for all of us. With wonderful interactive graphics, I shared my knowledge of English learning, and gently led brave speakers in language pronunciation.

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PGCE at University of Surrey